Advantere School of Management: Emerging from collaboration for delivering the inspirational paradigm in management education

Author: Guillermo Cisneros, Managing Director, Advantere School of Management

Advantere School of Management was born and exists as a collaborative project promoted by Pontifical University Comillas and University of Deusto, with the collaboration of Georgetown University as a strategic academic partner.

Collaboration is a fundamental path in the apostolic preferences of the Society of Jesus. For Jesuit universities It strengthens them and opens opportunities in the common purpose of “accompanying young people in the creation of a hopeful future” and preparing them to be “the best for the world.” The identity and in particular this common purpose of Jesuit universities is not only a reason for collaboration but also a fundamental basis on this path.

But for collaboration to be effective, a “why” and a “how” are also necessary.

In the case of Advantere School of Management, its “why” is innovation in graduate education in management based on the premises of the ignatian inspirational paradigm promoted from IAJBS and therefore offering new ways to respond to the “hungers” of our students for experiential learning, integrated knowledge, moral compass, authentic communities, global/international perspectives, from an adult spirituality and dignified work with a meaningful impact.

Its “how” is a graduate school in management, in the tradition of excellence of its promoting universities, and which with its Master of Science, Leadership and International Summer Programs has the objective of being an international reference through its value proposition:

  • Transforming the pedagogical model in management education, with a more experiential formula (learning by doing), creating new solutions to current challenges of real organizations (learning by designing), in an international and multidisciplinary environment (learning by living).
  • Fully integrating ethics, sustainability and social justiceinto the curriculum and the learning process, with a part of them developed in the creation of new solutions for a better world with social organizations, our programs and students being agents of change.
  • Promoting leaders capable of going beyond themselves, with purpose, self-knowledge and discernment in their professional and personal lives.

Advantere is an example of the benefits of collaboration. The advantage of offering innovative international education responding to the needs of students and society according to the Jesuit inspirational paradigm, by “walking on the shoulders of giants” of our promoting Jesuit institutions.

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