About Us


IAJU is an association of Jesuit Catholic universities and institutes of higher education. Founded in 2018 and approved by Fr. General, Arturo Sosa, of the Society of Jesus, the IAJU is recognized as the international advisory and coordinating body to the Secretariat of Jesuit Higher Education and, through him, to Father General and his Assistants in matters related to higher education and the intellectual apostolate.

The IAJU is an association of six regional associations:

Mission and Purposes

The mission of the IAJU is to contribute to the progress of the Society’s apostolate of higher education through the application of its decrees and documents in order to promote the development of a more just and humane world for the greater honor and glory of God.

The purposes of the IAJU are:

  1. To promote the collective reflection on the mission of Jesuit institutions of higher education in light of the Society’s decrees and the writings of the Generals of the Society;
  2. To promote collaboration between and among the networks of the Society’s higher education institutions, between and among lay and Jesuit faculty and administrators, and between and among the various apostolates of the Society;
  3. To represent the membership at international meetings and colloquia and to collaborate with other institutions and associations with common purpose, especially other associations of Catholic institutions of higher education;
  4. To contribute to the development of Jesuit higher education and its mission through promotion of projects and programs that enhance the effectiveness and quality of these institutions, as well as, protecting their autonomy when necessary; and
  5. To promote the expansion of Jesuit higher education for the marginalized and the poor whenever and wherever possible.

Deusto Assembly Signed Charter

On the 11th of July of 2018, at the Sanctuary of Loyola, Superior General; Arturo Sosa Abascal S.J. and the Secretary of Higher Education; Michael J. Garanzini S.J., signed the IAJU Charter, along with a representative from each of the 6 geographic areas that make up the Society of Jesus. For more information.