Looking at STEM with a Women´s Perspective – Network for Women in STEM


Under the framework of the first meeting of AUSJAL Jesuit Engineering Schools, held at ITESO University in Guadalajara, Mexico, representatives from 17 universities in ten Latin American countries approved the creation of the Network for Women in STEM(WOMEN Network).

The WOMEN Network is one of the three strategic projects on which the Latin American IAJES Taskforce will focus its efforts during the following years. The objectives and actions will be framed under six dimensions: Formation, Mentoring, Mobility, Best Practices, Strategic Alliances, and Communications.

Constanza Bauer, Coordinator of WOMEN Network states that “our purpose is to open spaces for women within Jesuit Universities in Latin America to foster their incorporation and retention in STEM programs”. Our challenge for the near future is to open the program and be one of the Tasks Forces of IAJES (the International Association of Jesuit Engineering Schools) to work closely with Jesuit Universities in other continents”.

“Our first commitment is to know as many women as possible Women in STEM within Jesuit institutions and to establish strategic alliances with international organizations. We need to know our strengths but also our challenges and gaps to co-create strategies and solutions”, Bauer stated.

  1. General Objective:

To establish an international network that fosters the incorporation and retention of women in STEM programs at Jesuit Higher Education institutions around the world.

  1. Strategic Objectives:
  • To present the current offer of STEM programs at Jesuit institutions highlighting the differentiating attribute of Ignatian formation with two goals: A) To introduce STEM programs to women at different stages of their formation (high schools, technical institutions, and universities) through programs with a relevant focus in women inclusion. B) To strengthen the admission process in higher education institutions to foster women's participation.
  • To encourage multilateral spaces for reflection and dialogue between women faculty in STEM programs at Jesuit Institutions that promote mobility, research, and collaboration networks fostering application to national and international funds.
  • To create an observatory of Best Practices that addresses the gender gap, women's inclusion, and gender policies, among other issues.
  • To generate strategic alliances with international institutions and organizations for women empowerment in STEM programs.
  • To raise awareness of the WOMEN Network and its initiatives to strengthen projects and broaden the participation of Jesuit institutions worldwide.
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