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The IAJU Printable Universities and Colleges Map includes the Jesuit universities and colleges that belong to the Regional Associations. For a list of institutions please see here.

The Map shows the locations of the universities and colleges in the six Jesuit regions of the world and contains a more detailed legend with: University Code, Name, City, Country, Region.

 *The Global Network of Jesuit Universities is growing and evolving every year, and it is our aim to develop these maps to illustrate our continuing growth. Your feedback on how we can improve this Global Map is always welcome. Please send your comments to [email protected]  

*Last map update June 2024

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Jeronimo Nadal, SJ (1507-1580)
iaju map

IAJU Printable Map *June 2024

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We have created a photo album where we are collecting pictures of different universities with the map. We hope to keep updating this album, with more photos from around the world. Full album.

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