Economic and Environmental Justice

The Church under Pope Francis has taken a leadership role in promoting economic and environmental justice. “Laudato Si” has captured the respect of the world’s leaders and the enthusiastic support of those interested in addressing our growing economic inequality within and between nations. By linking the environmental crisis to its roots in economic forces, and calling for an integral environmental humanism, the Church has pointed to necessary economic, social, political and psychological changes that are necessary if we are to survive in our “common home.” How can all of our institutions take a leadership role in addressing these two challenges (which amount to different sides of the same coin)?

As the ecological and social crisis intensifies, Jesuit institutions are being asked to support Pope Francis' call to action.


Laudato Si’ Universities: 7-Year Journey Towards Integral Ecology

In 2020, Pope Francis announced the creation of the Laudato Sí Action Platform website ( and its action counterpart, the 7-Year Journey Toward Integral Ecology. To bring the Society of Jesus into assistance on these important projects, the E&EJ Task Force made immediate contact with the Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development and offered aid to the Church in its outreach efforts to universities on these initiatives.

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Healing Earth: Teach the Teachers Workshops

Healing Earth is a free-access online textbook in integral ecology–a method of teaching and learning biodiversity, natural resources, energy, water, food, and global climate change from the perspectives of science, ethics, spirituality, and action.

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