Higher Education for the Excluded

IAJU is committed to expand efforts to bring higher education to the marginalized and the disadvantaged through access to our institutions and through collaboration with groups such as JRS that seek to bring quality education and degree programs to those who are displaced and without access to quality education.


Solidarity with Migrants and Refugees

The IAJU Task Force on Solidarity with Migrants and Refugees was assembled with the objective of helping every institution of Jesuit higher education to make a serious, articulated commitment to the wellbeing of migrants and refugees, in the context of their institution’s local realities and strengths.

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Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL)

JWL provides equitable high-quality tertiary learning to people and communities at the margins of societies – be it through poverty, location, lack of opportunity, conflict or forced displacement – so all can contribute their knowledge and voices to a global community of learners and together foster hope to create a more peaceful and humane world.

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