Empowering Leaders Across Asia

In the last few months, the Discerning Leadership Program was offered to over 100 leaders from various countries across Asia. The program had two formations in Bangalore, India, for 70 religious leaders, among whom there were 38 men and 32 women from India and Nepal. The formation comprised of archbishops, bishops, vicars, and diocesan priests, male and female religious congregation leaders, and laymen and women with leading roles in Catholic institutions. The third formation was held in Manila, Philippines, and 41 leaders, 27 men, and 14 women, from dioceses and other Catholic institutions participated from over 10 countries from the Asia Pacific region.

The leaders who attended these formations reported feeling more confident in their roles and have been able to implement new strategies and tools in their organizations. The program has also created a sense of community among leaders in the regions, which has enabled them to connect with each other and share their experiences.

The Discerning Leadership Program has not only benefited the leaders who attended the program but has also had a broader impact on the regions as a whole. By empowering leaders to be more effective in their roles, the program is helping to create more stable and prosperous communities.
Some leaders who participated in the formation already expressed their intention to replicate some of the elements of the formation in their local contexts, exposing their collaborators to increased personal and professional growth in their roles and leadership.

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