The European Leadership Programme

The European Leadership Programme (ELP) is a holistic leadership formation offered by the Jesuit European Social Center in Brussels.

It started in 2019 as an answer to the UAP journeying with the youth; offering guidance to young people during the transition between the academia and labour market.

ELP offers space for vocation discernment, professional and spiritual development, strengthening the need to serve and a deeper understanding of the European Common Good.

This residential project built on the Ignatian values also allows for institutional solutions and cross collaboration within the Jesuit network. The Fellows from all over the world will spend 5 months with the team alongside their traineeship. The next cohorts are open to the fresh graduates and young alumni of your institutions as well.

Let’s reimagine education and skillbuilding towards a more just and inclusive world.

Would you consider participate in the project? If you are interested you can reach ELP assistant to know more about the programme in detail and how to provide assistance to the young people interested.

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