IAJU 2022 Assembly MAGIS Exchange

The MAGIS Exchange is so much more than a student exchange program. It helps students discern their role as global agents of change, especially with regard to the pressing social and environmental issues of our time.

After the 2018 IAJU Assembly in Deusto, twenty-eight Jesuit institutions from five continents joined a multilateral agreement to become MAGIS universities in the MAGIS Exchange. Each semester, those institutions host two visiting students as part of a year-long program.

MAGIS Exchange has three dimensions:

  1. An academic exchange, in which students study abroad for one semester;
  2. A mission-related experience (volunteering, service learning, or an internship) during students’ study abroad semester; and
  3. A year-long online course about Global Citizenship (with an emphasis on Environmental Justice), led by Loyola University Chicago.

The MAGIS Exchange Task Force hopes to keep growing this program by inviting fellow institutions to become part of this transformational initiative; to obtain funds for scholarships for program participants; and to develop a Magis Exchange Alumni Network. All are invited to hear students discuss this transformative program in this video. To learn more about the MAGIS Exchange, please write to Ignacio Garrido Cruz: [email protected].

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