The future of Jesuit education relies on the availability of people, Jesuits, and colleagues in mission alike, who are fully capable of leading universities and colleges in a manner consistent with and devoted to the mission of the Society of Jesus. 

This availability depends on the ongoing intention to cultivate such mission-inspired leaders and to invest in formational opportunities characterized by an Ignatian way of proceeding, a manner that is faithful to our nearly 500-year-old tradition while at the same time constantly discerning, creative, and evolutionary. 

While such intentions and opportunities exist currently at the local, regional, national, and international levels, we propose that the emerging global network of Jesuit institutions of higher education presents an opportunity to leverage essential resources even more effectively and sustainably for the long-term service of the mission priorities of the apostolate of Jesuit higher education. In addition to forming leaders for this mission, the other priorities are:

  • education of the poor and marginalized;
  • education of civic and political leaders for the common good;
  • the promotion of integrated approaches to economic and environmental justice;
  • dialogue and understanding in a religiously pluralistic world;
  • and efforts for peace and reconciliation.

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