The Association of Jesuit Universities in Latin America and the Caribbean (AUSJAL) took great pride in introducing its newly appointed Board of Directors for the term 2023-2025, a team of esteemed individuals wholly dedicated to the advancement of Jesuit education in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Board of Directors includes:

- President: Father Dr. Fernando Ponce León, S.J.

  - Rector of Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador

  - Holder of a Bachelor´s degree in Philosophy from the University of Salvador, Argentina, a Master's degree in Divinity from Boston College, USA, and a Master's degree in Theology from Centre Sèvres, France. He also earned a Doctorate in Philosophy from the Université Paris 10, France.

  -  At PUCE, he has served as a Professor, Director of the School of Philosophy, and Coordinator of the Latin American Jesuit Team for Philosophical Reflection.

  - Among other roles, he has been the Executive Director of Soljusticia Corporation, National Director of the Jesuit Service for Refugees in Ecuador, Assistant for the Mission, and Social Delegate of the Society of Jesus in Ecuador.


- Vice President: Father Dr. Anderson Pedroso, S.J.

  - Rector of Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro – PUC-Rio

  - Holder of a Bachelor's degree in Theology and Philosophy and a doctorate in Contemporary Art History and Philosophical Aesthetics from the Faculty of Letters at Sorbonne University. Additionally, he possesses a master's degree in Aesthetic Philosophy (Philosophie de l’art) from the same university. Furthermore, he is a graduate in Philosophy from the Universidade do Sagrado Coração in Bauru (SP). He also holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, Italy, and a Master's degree in Aesthetic Philosophy from the Sorbonne in Paris, France.


- Treasurer: Father Dr. Alexander Paul Zatyrka, S.J.

  - Rector of ITESO, Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara.

  - Holder of a Doctorate in Theology from the University of Innsbruck, a Master's degree in Agricultural Economics from Cornell University, a Bachelor's degree in Theology from Colegio Máximo de Cristo Rey, and a degree in Agricultural Engineering Management from ITESM.

  - He has served as a Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Humanities at ITESO. He was an associate professor at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, and also a professor and the director of the Department of Religious Sciences at the Ibero in Mexico City. He has held the position of Executive Secretary of the Theology Commission of CPAL and Vice President of the Conference of Catholic Theological Institutions.


- Vocal: Dra. Adriana Jiménez Romero

    - Director of Tecnológico Universitario del Valle de Chalco.

    - Holder of a Bachelor's degree in Education Sciences and a Master's degree in Education from the University of La Salle.

    - She successfully completed her interinstitutional doctoral program in Education at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, with honors. Her doctoral thesis was titled: 'Educational Processes in the Development of Competencies in Technical Superior University (TSU) Students under a Humanistic Education Model: A Case Study.

    - From 2020 until March 2022, she served as the Director of TSU Programs at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.


  - Vocal: Father Andrés Aguerre, S.J.

    - Rector of Universidad Católica de Córdoba

    - Holder of a Bachelor's degree in Educational Management from the Universidad Caece in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

    - His career includes roles such as the administrator of Colegio del Salvador and, notably, as the rector of that institution from 2004 to 2010. He also served as the superior of the Jesuit community in Santa Fe and as the rector of the Santuario Nuestra Señora de los Milagros from 2011 to 2012. He held the position of 'socio' to the provincial of the Argentine-Uruguayan Province between 2012 and 2020. In 2021, he assumed the role of Director at the Center for Ignatian Spirituality (CEIA). In early 2022, he took on the position of Vice-Rector of the University Community, a responsibility he maintained until assuming the role of Rector.


From IAJU, we would like to express our gratitude to the outgoing Board of Directors of AUSJAL for their dedicated work in leading the Association during the period 2021-2023. Their efforts have been key to strengthening the mission of the Society of Jesus and promoting the growth of the institutions that are part of it.