To paraphrase Hans Kung: There will be no peace in the world without peace among the world’s religions. And, there will be no peace among religions unless we learn to dialogue. The revival of interest in religious and the growth of secularism with its good and its dangerous consequences are among the chief challenges within society today. Fundamentalism can be seen in every religious group. Secularism—the belief that religious is dangerous or irrelevant—is an equally challenging phenomenon. What role can and does the Jesuit university play in advancing reconciliation and understanding between and among religious? What is our role in helping young people avoid the extremes of fundamentalism and secularism? (Note: In the schools of the Society of Jesus, we come into direct contact with large numbers of young people and their families of various faiths. What other institution in society has both a religious commitment and access to diverse believers and non-believers alike?)

Deusto Assembly Conversations Report