The Church under Pope Francis has taken a leadership role in promoting economic and environmental justice. “Laudato Si” has captured the respect of the world’s leaders and the enthusiastic support of those interested in addressing our growing economic inequality within and between nations. By linking the environmental crisis to its roots in economic forces, and calling for an integral environmental humanism, the Church has pointed to necessary economic, social, political and psychological changes that are necessary if we are to survive in our “common home.” How can all of our institutions take a leadership role in addressing these two challenges (which amount to different sides of the same coin)?


University Pathways - Laudato Si


Coordinator: Michael Schuck, School of Environmental Sustainability, Loyola University Chicago.

Description:  Pope Francis’ 7-Year Journey Towards Integral Ecology is a project rooted in faith and open to everyone. All university people of good will, from all religions, philosophies, and backgrounds are invited to participate in this Journey.


Laudato Si Universties Website          


Climate Change Conference



Description:  Annual conferences on environmental sustainability and climate change that will focus on community-based research and advocacy.

Next steps: LUC hosted the last conference. The sponsorship will now move to another host institution worldwide. The LUC conference celebrated young environmental sustainability advocates, highlighting the efforts on youth in this area.