A major challenge of our age is the growing fragmentation within civil (and Church) society. The coarsening of political discourse, the turn toward populism, and the growth of protectionist impulses seem to be universal phenomena. We see these trends on every continent. This Task Force will examine how our universities might contribute to changing the tone and tenor of radical and fundamentalist politics in order to advance civil and political cooperation for the common good. The preparation of civic and political leaders with a solid foundation in Catholic Social Teaching might be one way of conceiving how we will meet this urgent need. How can our faculties contribute to the preparation of a political class that is more humane, accepting and vigilant against extremism and violence? 


Global Citizenship Education








Coordinators: Thomas Banchoff (United States of America), Vice-President for Global Engagement at Georgetown University and David Kaulem (Zimbabwe), Professor, Arrupe Jesuit University.

Description: Task force to study the issue of Global Citizenship. How can Jesuit universities better prepare global citizens with sensitivity to the marginalized and respect for liberal democratic processes? 

Next steps: The TF is seeking nominees of experts in the area of political and civic leadership formation and research. As is the case with the other initiatives, the Task Force will report and conduct further listening sessions at the Assembly of 2021.


Deusto Assembly Conversations Report