July 20 – 22, 2021


The global situation and the need for a new paradigm of business education

The white paper, A New Inspired Paradigm for Jesuit Business Education, recognizes that despite significant economic progress in recent decades, extreme poverty persists, and environmental degradation continues across the globe. This is especially tragic for millions of people on the margins— the silent and unseen – including women, children, minorities, migrants, refugees, and indigenous communities excluded from the market system's benefits.


Arturo Sosa, S.J., the superior general of the Society of Jesus, says the global coronavirus outbreak is a wake-up call to recognize the world's injustice that does not let millions of people live a dignified human life. This is an invitation for Jesuit universities, in particular business schools, to reenergize their mission and build opportunities for positive change.


The white paper asserts that the responsibility of Jesuit business schools, at a minimum, is to raise student awareness and to provide a framework for reflection while supporting students and faculty as they develop concrete ways in which they can become part of the solution to the world's pains. We must find how Jesuit business schools become instruments of mercy, providing compassionate frameworks to understand the world and change it.


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