Maps have always been an important tool to learn more about the world that we live on, to gain perspective from our local context to a more global one. Cartography, actually, has played an important role in the history of the Society of Jesus and the Jesuits an important role in the history of cartography. The great historian of cartography John Brian Harley (1932–1991), noted that more than any other religious order, Jesuits produced maps. Some maps were large and complex productions like the famous world maps of Matteo Ricci SJ, but many were what de Angelis called a mappa pequeno made in the field during missionary activities.[1]

Following our long Jesuit tradition, the International Association of Jesuit Universities (IAJU) has produced the printable map of the global network of Jesuit higher education institutions. This map is the result of a great effort of the IAJU team, long discussion and a lot of advice of the network from different parts of the world. The map boundaries, names shown, and the designations used follow the official United Nations (2016) map.

The map has been created with the collaboration and guidance of the Secretariat of Jesuit Higher Education and the IAJU board. We hope that it helps all of us to better understand the size and diversity of our network and continue to animate of sense of belonging to each other and shared mission.

The map shows the location and the total number of Jesuit higher education institutions (193) of the six regions. The legend contains a detail list with the names and locations of the universities divided into their regional association. To the right, we can see the six regional associations and their website. Finally, we can also see an estimated number of the staff and faculty that work at our schools, the number of students and of living alumni.

We invite you to print the map and display it on your campus. We hope that this map will serve as a window for students, faculty and staff to our global network. That will give them a sense of their place in the world. Actually, it reflects that there is a place for them everywhere in the world.


International students with the printable map at Universidad Loyola Andalucía, Spain


This map is downloadable in a PDF format and has been designed with a “vector technology” so that they can be printed in high quality in virtually any size. The map will be updated annually. This first printable map was published on February 2020. We would like to invite you to enjoy the map and help us improve it by sending us your feedback to our dedicated account at

If you do use this map as a poster in your school, please email us a picture. We will publish it in our worldwide gallery.

Thank you note.

From IAJU, we will like to thank all of the network for your collaboration and for the feedback that we hope we can continue to receive from you. We have a special thank you note to Educate Magis, who has generously granted the original design of the map and to Universidad Loyola Andalucía who adapted it.




[1] Robert Batchelor. 2019. “Introduction: Jesuit Cartography.” Journal of Jesuit Studies 6(1). Retrieved June 4, 2019 (