Electronic classrooms are the new reality for millions of teachers and students worldwide. Reliable online resources are needed now more than ever.


Healing Earth is a proven, free online textbook in environmental science for beginning college students, upper level secondary school students, and adult learners. Since its launch in 2016, Healing Earth's English and Spanish versions have annually engaged over 150,000 students and teachers in 140 countries.  Healing Earth is endorsed by the international Jesuit Secretariats of Higher Education and Secondary Education and received the Vatican's 'Expanded Reason Award' in 2017 for excellence in teaching.

Healing Earth is an integral, global, and living online textbook in environmental science. Inspired by Pope Francis' call for an integral ecology, each of Healing Earth's six chapters on biodiversity, energy, natural resources, water, food, and global climate change present scientific knowledge, ethical analysis, spiritual reflection, and a call to action. The content, examples and lessons in Healing Earth are global, drawing from each of six world regions: South America, Africa, Europe, South Asia, Pacific Asia, and North America. Healing Earth is a living textbook, response to new data, teacher and student contributions, and helpful edits on an ongoing basis.


Some teachers use Healing Earth as the main textbook in their environmental science and environmental ethics courses. Others use Healing Earth's chapters and sections as rich additions to their already existing course resources. All are aided by the textbook's popup glossary and detailed Teacher Guide. However it is used, Healing Earth's goal remains the same: help teachers and students at every level and every region grow into integral ecologists, people who dare to imagine a healed Earth and are willing to put their hands, hearts, and minds to the task.


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