Participating students 

Requirements for accepting students, including language requirements, are at the sole discretion at the Receiving University. Each prospective exchange student will be nominated by her/his home institution and the final destination will depend on the acceptance on the part of the host Receiving Universities(s) upon the recommendation of IAJU. All undergraduate students at participating Jesuit universities are eligible for the Magis Exchange program.


Participating students involvement

Student participants will be expected to be involved in a Jesuit mission co-curricular component, developed by their host institution.


Application deadline for participating institutions

The application deadline for a Jesuit higher education institution to participate in the pilot experience of the program is the 15 march. This means that a digital version of the signed MOU needs to be delivered by this date.


Minimum number of students to be received by each institution

Participating institutions must be prepared to receive a minimum of two participating students of the Magis Exchange program. This does not obligate the sending institutions to send exactly 2 students.


Contact Person

Questions regarding Magis Exchange program details and processes can be addressed to the Executive Secretary or to the representative of your regional association.