Wednesday, November 25 

22:00h MANILA (GMT+8) // 15:00h ROME (GMT+1) // 09:00h NEW YORK (GMT-5)

How can the values and ideals of Jesuit higher education help us in this new era?
How do we continue innovating from our hallmark to adapt to this context?

The disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic have posed significant challenges for nearly every aspect of a Jesuit institution of higher education, including enrollment, health care services, on-campus events, sports and the arts. But how has this crisis affected the teaching and learning processes and, especially, the pursuit of an integral formation through a Jesuit higher education?

Universities have been successful at delivering content, but how are this so-called "new normality" and online instruction affecting and leaving space for an integral formation? Or for Cura Personalis in our institutions? Find our in this webinar featuring a panel of experts from across the world.

Michael Garanzini, S.J., Secretary for Higher Education, Society of Jesus and President of the AJCU
Philip Geister, S.J., President of the Kircher Network

Mark Bosco, S.J., Vice-President for Mission and Ministry at Georgetown University
Stella Porto, Knowledge, Innovation and Communication Division at the Inter-American Development Bank
Javier Nó, Dean of Social Sciences at Universidad Loyola Andalucía
Sylvia Schmelkes, Academic Vice-President at Universidad Iberoamericana México

Susana Di Trolio, Executive Director of the Kircher Network



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