GLOBAL Prayerful Online Opening IY - 23 May 2021

Sun, 23 May 2021

Pilgrims with Ignatius. Live Prayer Broadcast: 23 May 2021. On Pentecost Sunday 23 May 2021, the Curia (in collaboration with many) is organising an online prayer to mark the start of the Ignatian Year prayerfully and internationally, three days after the official opening in Pamplona. This prayer will be available in three languages: English, Spanish, and French. We will be joined in prayer by Fr. General and members of the Ignatian family from all over the world. The prayer will have three broadcasts: one at 8pm in Manila, one at 8pm in Rome, one at 8pm New York. This will be a major event at the start of the Ignatian Year, so please make this event known as largely as possible in your provinces, congregations, networks, works, etc. After the live broadcast, the original video will be made available to everyone wanting to translate it (either by dubbing or subtitles) into a local language and use it later in the IY.

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