“How can Jesuit values and ethics be taught in the science classroom?”

The idea for this series on “Awe, Wonder and Mystery: Finding Our Place in God’s Universe”, by Charles L Webber Jr, was seeded by this simple question, “How can Jesuit values and ethics be taught in the science classroom?”

Using the sciences of astronomy and physics, these lectures (35-40 minutes) cover specific topics on energy and matter, time and space, light and spectra, laws and determinism, and stochasticity and creativity. The lectures are purposefully designed so that not everyone will understand everything being presented. A wide range of resources are present from cartoons and children’s rhymes, to space photos and paintings, to philosophical quotes and complicated mathematical equations.


Author: Charles L Webber Jr, Professor Emeritus, Department of Cell and Molecular Physiology, Loyola University Chicago


Lecture #1 – Energy and Matter: 


Lecture #2 – Time and Space:


Lecture #3 – Light and Spectra: 


Lecture #4 – Laws and Determinism: 


Lecture #5 – Stochasticity and Creativity: 


Lecture #6 – Infinity and Eternity: 


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*We thank Charles for generously granting these lectures to the IAJU.


My formal academic training and professional career have been centered in the biomedical sciences. However, over many decades my curiosity has propelled me to explore diverse fields such as astronomy, physics, mathematics, religion, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, art and poetry. I’m simply intrigued with mystery, questioning, and communicating my excitement about the natural world to others. My motive goes way beyond plain knowledge and earnestly endeavors to point people to our loving Creator. 
Over the last several months I have been keenly aware of the suffering and loneliness of not a few people sequestered in their homes, attempting to remain safe in our virus-seized world. I saw how musicians, pastors, comedians, and many others, gifted the world with what they could do. So the least I can do is to contribute these recorded lectures to others seeking comfort. I attempt to stimulate encouragement, hope, and purpose for I believe that each and every life has a deep and divine reason for existing.  
My desire is to push people beyond their limits and finitude, up and out into limitless worlds unknown. We all have our boundaries and boxes, but now is the time to break free and fall upwards into awe and wonder. Mysteriously, this journey does something very good, very beautiful, and very truthful, for our common human souls. We can even be found by Love in the most unexpected places.