Mission & Purpose


The purpose of the Kircher Network is to strengthen the sense of shared apostolic mission among its member Jesuit institutions in all aspects of academic life.

  1. Teaching, through exchanges of staff and students, and the development of shared programmes;
  2. Research, through collaboration in areas of particular relevance to the Society’s apostolic preferences, such as forced migration, ecology, the relief of poverty, interreligious dialogue, and Ignatian studies;
  3. Life according to the Ignatian charism, through making available to students and staff the resources of Ignatian spirituality for inspiration, hope, constructive reflection, and pedagogical practice;
  4. Administration, through the creative pooling of resources, and through sharing experience of good practice, notably as regards collaboration between Jesuits and their apostolic partners;
  5. In association with the Society of Jesus by promoting fruitful connections with Jesuit superiors, and with the other Jesuit services within the Church of Christ’s mission – notably centres for social reflection and cultural reviews.

In short the aim is a new and deeper mutual exchange of gifts of the kind that St Ignatius evokes at the end of his Spiritual Exercises.

Regional News

To feel and know the various motions... 
07/26/2019 More than 200 people reflected on how to interpret psychologically Ignatius Loyola's central proposal for his Spiritual Exercises in the International Symposium of Psychology and Spiritual Exercises, held in Loiola. Read more.

Deusto Sustainable Program

Deusto University involves it's faculty, staff and students in a new programme of good environmental practices “Haritza (Oak)”. Learn more.

 Interregional Collaboration for Inclusive and Sustainable welfare
06/28/2019 14 Jesuit universities collaborate to research about competitiveness at the service of inclusive and sustainable welfare. More IAJU institutions are invited to join the project. Read more.

Regional Associations