Mission and Purpose

We are a network of 30 universities entrusted to the Society of Jesus in Latin America. Our mission is to develop common projects in accordance with our strategic priorities, and in order to seek a greater contribution of higher education institutions to their societies.

We work with the support of 13 Networks and Working Groups: communities of academics, professionals and authorities from member universities, which voluntarily participate in the materialization of common projects aimed at improving student training and growth in the region. The counterparts work in coordination with the Executive Secretariat of the AUSJAL Network and with the institutional support of their respective universities. They are the driving force behind the projects and initiatives carried out by the Association around the continent.

AUSJAL is part of a worldwide network of more than 200 Jesuit universities, with presence in the five continents. The work of the AUSJAL Network looks beyond the university border to seek a greater and better contribution of universities to their societies.


AUSJAL's Homologue Networks and Working Groups are made up of teams of professionals, teachers and researchers from partner universities, who work in common and complementary work areas, communicate with each other and are based on AUSJAL's common identity and objectives. They work with the support of the Executive Secretariat and the institutional support of their respective universities and have been the driving force behind the projects and plans carried out by AUSJAL around the continent.

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Regional News

AUSJAL Inequality and Poverty Network presents Policy Brief 2020: Poverty Measurement Methods in Latin America and their Challenges

In this edition, a series of critical analyses of the official methods for measuring poverty were developed, as well as an overview of poverty performance in Latin American countries. Learn more

The Libraries Working Group presents the Institutional Digital Repository AUSJAL


Thanks to the participation of 18 universities, the Association's Libraries Working Group developed the AUSJAL Institutional Digital Repository which integrates the academic production of our institutions. Learn more.

EduRed refines strategies for the future


On May 13, the Advisory Council of EduRed, the consortium of the three CPAL educational networks, met to review the progress of the projects they are proposing in synergy. Learn more




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