Mission & Purpose

We are organized to promote friendship in service and leadership, share discernment in mission, facilitate cooperation and service, and develop the appropriate “Jesuit” brand of higher education in one of the most culturally diverse regions in the world, which is East Asia and Oceania. Our engagement in the apostolic mission of higher education is inspired by the Universal Apostolic Preferences, which invite us to deepen our companionship with one another and with the diverse peoples and cultures of the Asia-Pacific region.

The AJCU-AP is a forum for the ongoing exchange of experience, knowledge  and expertise among its member schools. It networks Jesuit HEIs and HEEs with others, and serves as liaison with the Jesuit General, the Jesuit Educational Secretariat, the Provincials, and other associations of Jesuit and non-Jesuit higher education.

Regional News

Sophia Reinvents Campus Ministry in this Difficult Year


Sophia University shared with us a report about their journey with the youth in this year of COVID-19 emergency. Learn more


New Presindent of Ateneo de Manila


The IAJU welcomes Fr. Roberto C. Yap, SJ as the new President of the Ateneo de Manila University and thanks Fr. Jose Ramon Villarin, SJ for his many years of service.


Adaptive Design for Learning Course to Better Deliver Online Education


Ateneo de Manila University launched a new professional certificate course: Adaptive Design for Learning, which provides online training on how to design and deliver online education. Learn more

Regional Associations