Mission & Purpose

We are organized to promote friendship in service and leadership, share discernment in mission, facilitate cooperation and service, and develop the appropriate “Jesuit” brand of higher education in one of the most culturally diverse regions in the world, which is East Asia and Oceania. Our engagement in the apostolic mission of higher education is inspired by the Universal Apostolic Preferences, which invite us to deepen our companionship with one another and with the diverse peoples and cultures of the Asia-Pacific region.

The AJCU-AP is a forum for the ongoing exchange of experience, knowledge  and expertise among its member schools. It networks Jesuit HEIs and HEEs with others, and serves as liaison with the Jesuit General, the Jesuit Educational Secretariat, the Provincials, and other associations of Jesuit and non-Jesuit higher education.

Regional News

Sophia University Journeys with the Youth

05/01/2020 Sophia shared with us the different ways in which their campus ministry is keeping close to the students and shawing them the way to God. Learn more


TBC Cancels Spring Programme Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

02/22/2020 The Beijing Center (TBC) has announced the cancellation of its spring 2020 semester abroad programme amid concerns of rising cases of the novel coronavirus. Learn more


Instituto São João de Brito celebrates judicium of “pioneer” Class of 2019

12/28/2019 The Jesuit teacher education institute in Timor-Leste, celebrated a momentous occasion on November 30 with the completion of studies (judicium) of the teacher-trainees who began their education at the inception of ISJB. Learn more



Regional Associations