25th IAJBS Annual World Forum attendees 


Editor's note: S.Peppin, Dean of the School of Xavier School of Rural Management, Xavier University Bhubaneswar (XUB) shared with IAJU this report about the IAJBS World Forum that took place at XUB.


International Association of Jesuit Business School (IAJBS) is an educational and leadership platform where scholars and leaders come together to nurture and facilitate value centered leadership. One of the key endeavors of IAJBS World Forum is to organise conferences on themes addressing the critical concerns of the people, planet and business. 

The 25th Annual IAJBS World Forum on the theme 'Innovate & Flourish' was held at XUB from July 21-24, 2019. The perspectives on this theme provide a wider canvas to draw the images of sustainable development which have hitherto been limited to economic growth and profit.  

As human and ecological flourishing requires a life with people and nature, the growing culture of innovations should be used as a thread to weave the web of life. In a hugely networked world, it is possible to advance the cause of flourishing. Innovations act as necessary conditions accelerating the process of achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Though the SDGs put equal thrust on planet, people, profit, prosperity and peace in the centre of development agenda, profit has assumed the dominant position. As a result, world is witnessing unprecedented social and economic inequality and ecological and political crises. 

The aim of the academic platform was to resolve the conflict between efficiency and effectiveness in business learning thus rendering an expansionist worldview to the discipline to promote sustainable development and growth. It is believed that through articulation of trust, innovative leadership and through inclusive teaching resources the capacity of future generations could be enhanced. The sub themes of the conference were:

I.    Philosophy and Principles of Innovation & Flourishing
II.   Frontiers of Jesuit Business Education
III.  Impact of Technological Transformation
IV.  Regional and Global Sustainability Approaches
V.   Sustainable Communities & Peace

In the context of this occasion, Colleagues of Jesuit Business Education (CJBE) group inaugurated its regional chapter in South Asia.

IAJBS Annual Meeting plan for the 26th IAJBS World Forum to be held at ITESO University, Mexico on July 12-15, 2020, was presented. The theme for 2020 World Forum would be “Serving the World through Innovative and Sustainable Business Models”
The conference concluded with a vote of thanks by Professor Gregory W. Ulferts who heartily appreciated the contribution of XUB & on behalf of the prestigious conglomerate of IAJBS, presented a plaque of honor to Prof. Dr. Fr. Paul Fernandes, SJ, VC, XUB for being an outstanding visionary and for scaling new heights.

Conference Panel discussions:
1.Innovate & Flourish
2. How to Create a Flourishing Business School in a Global Economy
3. Business Education for a Flourishing World
4. Sustainable Community Systems & Peace
5. Impact of Technological Transformation