As rector of the University of Deusto, it is a privilege to welcome you to the IAJU Assembly that we will be hosting from 8 to 12 July in Bilbao. The slogan for this event is Transforming Our World Together. The IAJU and the University of Deusto have put all our efforts and enthusiasm to make this event enjoyable and particularly productive for all while we also trust you will have a pleasant stay.

Although the Organising Committee has already given you some information about logistics, you will find an information sheet in your room when you arrive. Those of you who are staying at the Student Residence Hall (University of Deusto) (Camino de Ugasko, 7; Bilbao) (Telephone number + 34 94 47 65 122) may submit your registration credentials at the Student Residence Hall on Sunday, 8 July, from 3pm to 6pm. Attendees staying at hotels can collect their registration credentials at the University on Monday before the Assembly, between 8am and 9am.

We remind you that we will celebrate the Eucharist in the Gothic Chapel at the University at 6.30pm on Sunday. Following the mass, the people who have signed up for the dinner at the Guggenheim Museum will walk there to enter the Museum at 8.15pm.You will find the dinner invitation in the documentation you receive when registering and people staying at hotels may collect it at the University following the mass. It is required to enter the Museum.

This same material will be posted on the webpage ( and these social media sites: Twitter ( and Facebook ( We hope you will share this information with your university community or provide us with a contact that manages communication in your university (please send it to our email address [email protected]).

We are looking forward to this encounter and hope we have the opportunity to greet you personally in just a few days.


Best regards,

Father Garanzini